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Scruples Color Line

Scruples Protective Barrier Complex (PBX) is comprised of four essential ingredients: mucopolysaccharides, UV absorbers, hydrolyzed proteins and silicone conditioners.

Whether your hair is fine, coarse, normal or color treated, PBX works to replenish moisture and add protein to help maintain elasticity and improve hairs inner strength leaving it manageable, healthy and noticeably sexy.

  • Mucopolysaccharides add moisture-binding qualities to keep hair flexible, healthy and shiny.
  • UV Absorbers help protect hair from environmental damage and color fade.
  • Hydrolyzed Proteins provide hair with strength, body and volume.
  • Silicone Conditioners promote shine for healthy, conditioned hair.


Opalescent Creme Colour

  • Low ammonia permanent and demi-permanent haircolor system
  • Provides expert gray coverage
  • Inventory options for easy color selection and reduced inventory and mixing options
  • All ranges of haircolor are calibrated at every level and are true to level, true to shade
  • 84 shades available


  • Intensifiers provide a highly concentrated, pure pigment that cancels unwanted warm tones
  • Designed for complete color control: use for intensifying depth in formulas, corrective coloring and creating custom, fashion-forward color blends
  • Intensifiers can be added to any TRUE INTEGRITY shade
  • Part of a low-ammonia permanent and demi-permanent haircolor system
  • Fortified with Scruples exclusive Protective Barrier Complex (PBX) that shields the haircolor molecule and deposits it deep into the hair


Brilliant Creme Highlights

  • Low-ammonia, radiant color that leaves hair silky
  • One-step lift and deposit
  • 8 brilliant highlight selections ranging from intense reds to luminous blondes
  • Contains Scruples exclusive Protective Barrier Complex (PBX)
  • Enriched with aa berry, acacia flower extract and aloe vera
  • Unique base break formulas provided for creative lightening techniques

LLUSIONIST Accelerator Powder

  • ILLUSIONIST Accelerator Powder allows the colorist to determine the precise amount of hair color lift achieved based on the amount of powder used
  • Essential amino acids derived from aloe vera soothe and moisturize, leaving hair supple and conditioned
  • Avocado oil provides vitamins A, D and E as well as proteins that create an excellent emollient and help maintain the integrity of hair
  • ILLUSIONIST Accelerator Powder must be mixed with ILLUSIONIST Creme Highlights and PURE OXI Creme Developer in order for the product to function properly


Single-step lowlights & creme color system

  • Create a look so spectacular its spellbinding
  • Contains the filler and lowlight shade in one simple, time-saving formula
  • Use for rich accent pieces or as an all-over color

Single-Step Creme Lowlights

  • Contains the filler and lowlight shade in one simple, time-saving formula
  • Low-ammonia conditioning color
  • Use to create deep, rich accent pieces or as an all-over color
  • 10 selections ranging from vibrant reds and rich browns to dark blonde shades
  • Enriched with aa berry, acacia flower extract, aloe vera and avocado oil
  • Contains Scruples exclusive Protective Barrier Complex (PBX)



Toner Infused & Gel Color System

  • Color can lift color
  • Lifts up to 7 levels through natural or color treated hair and deposits permanent haircolor in a single process
  • Contains Scruples exclusive Protective Barrier Complex (PBX), which protects the dye molecule and deposits color deep into hair while conditioning and creating incredible shine
  • For optimal color results, clarifying the hair with Scruples HAIR CLEARIFIER Deep Cleansing Shampoo and HAIR CLEARIFIER Treatment is recommended prior to a color service


BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS Oil Lightener contains Scruples Protective Barrier Complex (PBX) which shields hair during the lightening process, leaving it conditioned and shiny.


Brazilian BlowoutThe most innovative & effective professional smoothing treatment in the world!

Through the use of a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex and a proprietary polymer system, the Brazilian Blowout actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.

The end result is smooth, healthy, conditioned hair with radiant shine.


When you arrive at the salon, the process is as follows.

  • Stylist will shampoo your hair with the Brazilian Blowout specially formulated Anti-Residue Professional Shampoo to prepare your hair for the optimal smoothing result.
  • After towel drying, your certified Brazilian Blowout stylist will divide your hair into sections and begin to comb the Brazilian Blowout Professional Treatment through each section of the hair from root to tip; lightly dusting each section with the solution.
  • Solution will surround each hair shaft with protective protein layers to smooth and flatten the cuticle.
  • Stylist will then blow-dry your hair as straight as possible with a flat or round brush.
  • Once the hair is dry, the Stylist will divide the hair into four sections and begin using a flat iron to further straighten the hair in 1 - 1 inch sections.
  • Once complete, the Stylist will rinse the hair (no shampoo), towel-dry and apply the Brazilian Blowout Masque to further seal in the professional formulation. After 60 seconds, the stylist will rinse the hair once again and towel dry.
  • The Stylist will then apply the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum to further seal the cuticle and assist in detangling the hair prior to the final blow dry.
  • The Stylist will then blow dry the hair straight one final time and style as desired.

You will leave the salon in approximately 90 minutes with beautiful, smooth, healthy radiant hair!

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Zervos Salon now uses Cote hair care products for cleansing and styling. Purchase high quality Cote products at our salon.

Zervos Salon now carries the WOW color line!

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