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Christopher Brooker of Vidal Sassoon Resurfaces!

Recently Nick Zervos had the amazing and surprising opportunity to reconnect with the reclusive Christopher Brooker of Vidal Sassoon! This was personally a touching moment for Nick. Over 30 years ago back in 1983 Nick attended a Vidal Sassoon Creative Styling Course in London, England. The person who presented Nick with the certificate was Vidal Sassoon's own extremely talented Christopher Brooker. Now 31 years later, Nick had reunited with Christopher Brooker at a training seminar, and Christopher Brooker represented the certificate to Nick that he originally had given him back in 1983.

Christopher Brooker was Vidal Sassoon's right hand man for many years. Christopher is a styling genius who was well ahead of his time in the hair styling industry. He came up with many unique original styles without the use of today's special hair products. However for the last few decades, Christopher has been reclusive, out of the public eye. Now that has changed as he has become visible once again.

To meet with Christopher Brooker is a real treat for anyone in the hair fashion industry!

Christopher represents certificate to Nick

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